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As a Massage Therapist of 10 years,

I’ve learned to understand the body as a complex and comprehensive system. The body is made up of much you can see with physical eyes and much you cannot. I see physical discomfort itself as a portal into deeper understanding.

In bodywork treatments, we are taking the initiative to lovingly and openly

tend to these body-based tensions, becoming a gateway into recognizing

what needs attention in the emotional/psycho-spiritual bodies.

I support this by meeting your body with balanced tension.

This is where I choose not to aggress your system but to meet it in stages.

First activating intention with breath, following rhythmic movement and combining a hypnotic pace. With this progression we reveal the wisdom of the body, the healing and resolving of recurring mystery tensions and begin to unravel back into harmony. With deep structural modalities to calm and subtle, I offer bodywork as an experience of listening and relaxing back into your most authentic expression.



Denver, Colorado

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