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modalities used in session


therapeutic massage




prenatal & postnatal

A therapeutic massage that incorporates modalities such as deep tissue, stretching, and trigger point therapy. Deep tissue massage is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic pain, muscle tightness, or postural issues, as it can alleviate these discomforts and improve overall mobility.


Incorporating stretching into the massage enhances flexibility, improves range of motion, and reduces muscle stiffness. Trigger point therapy is employed to identify and release specific areas of muscle tension that may radiate pain to other parts of the body. By addressing trigger points, this massage modality can alleviate referred pain and promote overall relaxation.


The best candidates for this treatment are those dealing with chronic pain conditions, athletes looking to improve performance and prevent injuries, or individuals experiencing muscle tension due to stress. This comprehensive approach to therapeutic massage can provide significant relief, improve physical well-being, and offer a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation to clients seeking to address specific issues or simply unwind from the strains of daily life.

A craniosacral therapy session is a gentle and non-invasive modality that can be incorporated into a therapeutic massage or offered as a standalone treatment. This modality uses a light touch, typically with hands on the client's head, spine, and sacrum, to detect and release any restrictions or imbalances in the craniosacral system, which includes the cerebrospinal fluid, membranes, and the cranial and sacral bones. This therapy aims to encourage the body's self-healing mechanisms, relieve tension, and promote relaxation. It's a deeply soothing experience, and clients often report feeling a profound sense of relaxation and release during and after the session. Craniosacral therapy is suitable for a wide range of clients, as it's non-invasive and gentle. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, headaches, and chronic pain conditions. Moreover, it's a valuable complementary modality for those seeking to enhance their overall well-being.

It helps the body tap into its innate healing capabilities, making it a versatile and valuable addition to holistic wellness practices.

As a standalone treatment, the client remains fully clothed on the massage table. It is recommended to dress comfortably.

Prenatal massages, with their unique focus on the changing needs of expectant mothers, offer a space for relaxation, pain relief, and a special connection to the baby. Flutura ensures that mothers-to-be receive the care and attention they need during this transformative period of their lives. 


A prenatal massage is a gentle and nurturing form of massage therapy that focuses on the comfort and well-being of the mother and her developing baby. Prenatal massages typically involve the client lying on her side or using a specially designed pregnancy pillow that accommodates the growing belly.

I use techniques that are safe for pregnancy, avoiding deep pressure on certain areas and utilizing gentle strokes to soothe and relax the body. Prenatal massages can help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts such as lower back pain, muscle tension, swelling, and stress. A session also offers emotional support and promotes relaxation, making it an essential self-care practice for expectant mothers.

Postnatal massages, on the other hand, are designed to support the recovery and well-being of new mothers after childbirth. These massages help ease the physical and emotional changes that occur postpartum by incorporating techniques to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and address any specific issues the new mother is experiencing. Postnatal massages can also aid in reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which is crucial for a mother adjusting to the demands of caring for a newborn. Overall, both prenatal and postnatal massages offer numerous benefits, including pain relief, improved sleep, stress reduction, and enhanced emotional well-being. 


add ons



When a topical CBD product is applied to the skin during a massage, it interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex network of receptors and enzymes that plays a crucial role in maintaining balance and homeostasis within the body. CBD binds to these ECS receptors, particularly CB2 receptors found in the skin and underlying tissues, resulting in various potential benefits. It may reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and help the body manage stress and anxiety.


The mechanical action of the massage further aids in the penetration of CBD through the skin, enhancing its absorption and potential therapeutic effects. Combining CBD with massage maximizes these benefits, as the massage itself promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension, and improves blood circulation, creating a synergistic effect that can offer comprehensive relief and well-being for the recipient, especially those with chronic pain and arthritis.



Integrating suction cupping into a massage session offers the promotion of increased blood flow, which helps release muscle tension and encourages the body's natural healing processes. The suction from the cups stimulate the body's response to treat an injury by flushing the area with flow of oxygen and nutrients while also helping to remove waste products from the muscles. This process supports tension relief, as it relaxes tight muscles and fascia. The lasting effects often include improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced relief, making it a valuable addition to a massage 


full face massage

Add on an additional 30 minutes to release facial and scalp tension with intricate massage, sculpting and lymphatic drainage. Bringing in extra circulation to help you feel more relaxed and looking brighter. Includes facial cupping, Jojoba oil, a hot towel and Rose spray. Please come with clean skin. 

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